The Cluny Classics Series is our contribution to the preservation of great works of Catholic (or catholic) fiction, poetry, and essays. Titles in the Series will, more often than not, be complemented by a new Introduction and accompanying Notes for the Reader, to re-introduce the book and its author, to re-acquaint us with the contexts and circumstances in which the book was written and its author lived, and to illustrate the place of the book and author in literary history.

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Come Rack, Come Rope
Come Rack, Come Rope

By Robert Hugh Benson

Come Rack, Come Rope is one of Robert Hugh Benson’s best-known novels. Based on true events and individuals in the time of the Elizabethan persecution of Catholics in England, it centers on Robin and Margaret, who give up their love for another and hope of marriage in order to minister to their persecuted neighbors. Masterfully weaving the historical source material with his own creative additions, Benson presents an unflinchingly truthful portrayal of the terror of those times along with an achingly beautiful depiction of true faith.

“Benson was one of the brightest lights in the Catholic literary firmament…”

~Joseph Pearce, in his article “Robert Hugh Benson:
Remembering a Forgotten Giant” in The Imaginative Conservative

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Dan England and the Noonday Devil
Dan England and the Noonday Devil

By Myles Connolly

Introduction and Notes by Stephen Mirarchi

Dan England and the Noonday Devil was Myles Connolly’s favorite of his five books. Indeed, with the profound philosophic sensibility and keen artistic vision that marked Connolly’s craft in the outstanding Mr. Blue shining out even brighter here, one can easily why. Dan England is a merry and magnanimous man, whose occupation in life is the forging of friendships and the spreading of joy. Believing totally in the capacity of his friends to reach the heroic heights of sainthood, Dan himself is beset by doubts as he battles against that most insidious of foes: acedia, or the “noonday devil.”

Take and read. Dan England and the Noonday Devil might just become your favorite Myles Connolly book as well.

“With its focus on fatherhood and servant leadership, Connolly’s Dan England and the Noonday Devil raises themes both universal and of immediate import.” ~Paul Almonte, St. Peter’s College

Paperback: 316 pp. 

ISBN: 9781944418328

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By Georges Bernanos

Joy is the story of Chantal de Clergerie, a young woman and visionary who lives a life defined by innocence and purity in the midst of a tangle of insanity, and Abbé Cénabre, a priest grappling with apostasy. In keeping with the other great works of award-winning author Georges Bernanos, Joy is a captivating, insightful, and profound look into the depths of the interior life. In 1929, Joy was awarded the Prix Femina, a literary prize given to what is deemed the best French novel of the year.

“Andrew Kaethler’s introduction and notes provide a friendly, informed, welcoming guide to this still-too-little-known work.” ~Michael Ward, University of Oxford

Paperback: 340 pp.

ISBN: 9781944418410

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Like a Roaring Lion
Like a Roaring Lion

By Orestes Brownson

Introduction and Notes by Gerald J. Russello

Like a Roaring Lion (first published in 1854 as The Spirit-Rapper: An Autobiography) is an intellectual tour de force and a spiritual odyssey through the religious kaleidoscope of nineteenth-century America. Orestes Brownson witnessed firsthand the obsession of his age with spiritualism and the occult, and in Like a Roaring Lion he undertakes the daunting task of illustrating its temptations and dangers. Today, no less than in the 1850s, does the spirit of the age and the lord of this world still whisper that we humans can be as gods.

“Congratulations for bringing this quirky, deep, and uncannily relevant novel of Brownson back into print. The novel is, most of all, a defense of the realism of true or Catholic religion.” ~Peter Augustine Lawler, Berry College

Paperback: 374 pp.

ISBN: 9781944418397

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official cover_mrblue
Mr. Blue

By Myles Connolly

J. Blue is a mysterious man. Charming and carefree, he goes from rags to riches after the inheritance of an unexpected fortune, only to forgo money and power for the love of Lady Poverty. This life of service leads him to embrace fully his Christian faith—loving the unlovable, instructing the ignorant, and remembering that it is by grace that we are saved. In this new edition of Myles Connolly’s 1928 novel, which features a special Preface by Connolly’s own daughter, readers can again encounter the mystery of “Mr. Blue.” Stephen Mirarchi’s Introduction places the book in historical context and explains its literary structure, and his exhaustive Notes reveal Connolly’s sharp command of his craft. Readers will see more clearly than ever before how “Blue made one believe almost anything is possible,” especially a life of joyful self-giving.

“This little book is a gem.” ~Joseph Pearce, Aquinas College


“This new edition includes superlative notes that will illuminate Blue’s contemporary Catholic world for any reader.” ~Paul J. Contino, Pepperdine University


“At last! A popular classic is given its due with the full scholarly treatment. A refreshing ride with Mr. Blue and his Chestertonian wisdom and innocence.” ~Dale Ahlquist, President, American Chesterton Society

Paperback: 246 pages

ISBN: 9781944418076

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Vipers Tangle Cover_
Vipers’ Tangle

By François Mauriac

Introduction and Notes by Timothy P. O’Malley; Preface by Stephen Mirarchi

ISBN: 9781944418267

Paperback: 352 pp.

A man’s letter to his estranged wife, explaining his hatred for her and their children, is transformed under Mauriac’s masterful pen into a diary of spiritual and psychological battles against God, family, and self. With remarkable subtlety and sensitivity, Mauriac relates the transformation of Monsieur Louis by the sublime workings of grace. Vipers’ Tangle’s superb arc and unflinching examination of the human heart makes it easily one of the greatest novels—Catholic or otherwise—of all time.

“Mauriac remains unequalled in conciseness and expressive force of language.” ~Anders Österling, Permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy

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In the Future:

Pilgrim of the Absolute, by Leon Bloy; Introduction by David Bentley Hart