Select titles from Cluny’s catalog are available as ebooks for Kindle readers. See below for the complete list of titles. (The links will open a new tab for the Amazon page at which the book can be purchased for Kindle.)

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Cluny for Kindle

Mr. Blue, by Myles Connolly, with an Introduction and Notes by Stephen Mirarchi

Dan England and the Noonday Devil, by Myles Connolly, with an Introduction and Notes by Stephen Mirarchi (forthcoming)

Vipers’ Tangle, by François Mauriac, with an Introduction and Notes by Stephen Mirarchi

Joy, by Georges Bernanos, with an Introduction and Notes by Andrew Kaethler

Under the Sun of Satan, by Georges Bernanos

The Church of Christ, by Joseph C. Fenton, edited and with an Introduction by Christian D. Washburn

Thomistic Evolution, by Nicanor Austriaco, OP, James Brent, OP, Thomas Davenport, OP, and John Baptist Ku, OP

Thomistic Psychology, by Walter Brennan, OP, edited and an Introduction by Cajetan Cuddy, OP

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit, by John of St. Thomas, with an Introduction by Cajetan Cuddy, OP

Art & Scholasticism, by Jacques Maritain, with an Introduction by Brian Barbour

The Pilgrim of the Absolute, by Léon Bloy, edited by Raïssa Maritain, with an Introduction by David Bentley Hart

Prayer and Intelligence & Selected Essays, by Jacques Maritain and Raïssa Maritain

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit in the Dominican Saints, by Ambroise Gardeil, OP, with an Introduction by Romanus Cessario, OP

From the Eucharist to the Trinity, by M. V. Bernadot, with an Introduction by Sr. Maria of the Angels, OP

The Living Water, by Pierre-Thomas Dehau, OP, with an Introduction by Sr. Maria of the Angels, OP

The Mystery of the Church, by Humbert Clerissac, with a Preface by Jacques Maritain

The Spirit of St. Dominic, by Humbert Clerissac, with an Introduction by Thomas Joseph White, OP

Grace, by Raphael Moss, OP, with an Introduction by Ezra Sullivan, OP

The English Way, edited by Maisie Ward and with an Introduction by Bradley J. Birzer