What do shipping and handling cost? 

  • For orders in the continental U.S., flat rate shipping is $3.99.
  • For international orders, please write to info@clunymedia.com with the shipping address of your order. A customer service representative will assist with the purchase.

What are the shipping times?

  • Once the order is received and processed, shipping is approximately 3–7 days (within the continental U.S.) and 14–21 days (international).
  • For bulk orders, please allow additional time for processing and shipping. For an estimate of the shipping of your order, please write to info@clunymedia.com.
  • If you have not received your books within 10 days of ordering, please write to info@clunymedia.com.

Does Cluny accept returns?

  • Accept in the event of a flawed or damaged copy of a book, Cluny does not accept returns or issue refunds.
  • If your order has a flawed or damaged copy, please write to info@clunymedia.com with details on the item.
  • Except in the case of damages, all orders are final.