On what can such diverse minds as Richard Dawkins, Evelyn Waugh, and Hilaire Belloc all agree?

That P.G. Wodehouse is a literary genius.

Wodehouse was the author of over ninety books, as well as dozens of plays and hundreds of short stories. Each sentence of each work from Wodehouse’s pen is a flawless gem in the treasure trove of English literature.

Now, 115 years since the publication of Wodehouse’s first novel, Cluny Media is pleased to announce the release of The P.G. Wodehouse Collection.

While Wodehouse is best known for the masterpieces of comedy that are the Jeeves & Wooster stories and the installments of the Blandings Saga, he devoted hours of plotting and planning and writing and re-writing to all of his books. This makes each and every one of his stories worth reading and re-reading, and Cluny is proud to contribute to the preservation of P.G. Wodehouse’s work with these new editions of ten of his early novels.

Even today, Evelyn Waugh’s words on the “world of Wodehouse” are borne out:

“Mr. Wodehouse’s idyllic world can never stale. He will continue to release future generations from captivity that may be more irksome than our own. He has made a world for us to live in and delight in.”

We hope that you find release from captivity in the laughter and levity of spirit that comes from the delightful exercise that is the reading of P.G. Wodehouse.

Now Available

Damsel in Distress
A Damsel in Distress

“The realization came over George that, though he might be in love, the fairway of love was dotted with more bunkers than any golf course he had ever played on in his life.”

When Lady Patricia Maud Marsh leaps into his taxicab and begs him to hide her, American musical composer George Bevan is swept off his feet and into an intricate web of romantic intrigue strung around Belpher Castle. Mistaken identities, scheming aunts, and crafty servants come together in this classic Wodehouse comedic caper. Maud’s family believes George to be another American with whom she had a romance a year ago; Maud’s aunt wants her to marry Reggie Byng, who is in love with Alice Faraday, Maud’s father’s secretary; Maud’s father, meanwhile, has fallen in love with an actress. George, with the help of Reggie, must win Maud’s heart or love’s labor will be lost!

Paperback: 332 pp.

ISBN: 9781944418274

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Piccadilly Jim
Piccadilly Jim

“The thought that a girl could be as pretty as this one and yet dislike him so much was one of the saddest things Jimmy had ever come across. It was like one of those Things Which Make Me Weep in This Great City so dear to the hearts of the sob-writers of his late newspaper.”

Jimmy Crocker’s life, after his father marries into money, is a succession of late nights and painful mornings. However, his past as a writer for the New York Chronicle comes back to haunt him when he falls in love with the very girl whose poetry collection he lambasted in his column: Ann Chester. Hoping to save his bacon and put himself in a place where he can win the heart of this wonderful girl, he adopts a fake name in order to circumvent her loathing for “Piccadilly Jim.” Before you know it, Jimmy is— in classic Wodehouse fashion—entangled in a web of paternal butlers, scaly aunts, identity crises, an attempted kidnapping, and a prototype explosive.

ISBN: 9781944418304

Paperback: 344 pp.

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Psmith in the City
Psmith in the City

“Psmith’s work—well, it stood alone. You couldn’t compare it with anything. There are no degrees in perfection. Psmith’s work was perfect, and there was an end to it.”

Jaunt with Psmith (the preliminary “P” is not sounded, “as in pshrimp”), one of P.G. Wodehouse’s most delightful creations, as he navigates Mike Jackson and himself through the hustle and bustle of the City and the world of high finance. When Mike’s father suffers a significant pecuniary loss, Mike, a sportsman to the last, forgoes his Cambridge education and seeks gainful employment in London at the New Asiatic Bank. There Psmith joins him and, determined to see their futures settled, sets about charting a bright and beneficial course toward a happy state of affairs for one and all. Along the way, Psmith and Jackson push the Bank’s manager, J. Bickersdyke, to the brink of madness, mingle with Socialists at Clapham Common, and find time for plenty of cricket, with Psmith dispensing pearls of his witty wisdom to one and all along the way.

Paperback: 234 pp.

ISBN: 9781944418298

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Psmith Journalist
Psmith, Journalist

Reconvene with Psmith as he takes on the Big Apple as no one else can, managing a newspaper, battling with gangs, and confronting slum lords. While his friend Mike Jackson tours the U.S.A. playing cricket for Cambridge, Psmith befriends Billy Windsor, the sub-editor of the homely paper, Cosy Moments. Appalled by the political corruption and poverty of New York, Psmith and Billy turn Cosy Moments into a voice as “the guardians of the People’s rights.” The gangs and various beneficiaries of the crooked system are not thrilled about this journalistic development. But Psmith is not daunted. The cry goes round, “Cosy Moments cannot be muzzled!”

Paperback: 260 pages

ISBN: 9781944418311

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Something Fresh
Something Fresh

“Wanted — Young Man of Good Appearance, who is rough and reckless, to undertake delicate and dangerous enterprise.”

When the absentminded Earl of Emsworth pockets the prize piece of Mr. J. Preston Peters’ collection of scarabs, he sets in motion an adventure that only the wonderful world of Blandings Castle could house. Mr. Peters offers a lucrative reward to Mr. Ashe Marson to retrieve the scarab. Unbeknownst to him, his daughter Aline has hired Joan Valentine to do the same. Also at Blandings is George Emerson, who wants to marry Aline. But Aline is engaged to Lord Emsworth’s son, the Honorable Freddie Threepwood, who fears that Joan is going to sue him for breach of promise. In all of this, of course, no one can take a step without tripping over Lord Emsworth’s secretary, the Efficient Baxter.

Paperback: 306 pp.

ISBN: 9781944418281

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Coming Soon

  • The Little Nugget
  • The Girl on the Boat
  • A Gentleman of Leisure
  • The Adventures of Sally
  • Uneasy Money