From Eucharist to Trinity
From the Eucharist to the Trinity

By Marie Vincent Bernadot, O.P.

From the Eucharist to the Trinity is a wonderful book for those hoping to deepen their desire for the Eucharist and let the Trinity take root in their hearts. This new English edition of Fr. Bernadot’s French classic features an insightful Introduction from Sr. Maria of the Angels, O.P., celebrating the 800th Jubilee of the Dominican Order.

“…a modern classic of the spiritual life, more pertinent today than when it first appeared almost a hundred years ago. It is a great gift for this book once again to be available in English.” ~Bruce D. Marshall, Lehman Professor of Christian Doctrine, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University

Paperback: 142 pages

ISBN: 9781944418052

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Available January 9, 2017

Grace comprises a series of conferences given by Raphael Moss, O.P., to students at Oxford University at the end of the nineteenth century. Theologically rich and doctrinally sound, Fr. Moss’s conferences are rooted in the fertile soil of Thomistic thought, and aim at aiding the reader “to contemplate the workings of this supernatural life, to understand the sources of its power and energy, the means to which it has recourse in time of weakness and failure and the consequences of final triumph or defeat.”

Paperback: 264 pages

ISBN: 9781944418243

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P&I cover
Prayer and Intelligence & Selected Essays

Jointly authored by Jacques and Raissa Maritain, Prayer and Intelligence is a practical book about mental prayer and how to pray. It is also a book about the intellectual life. Accompanying Prayer and Intelligence are two essays, Liturgy and Contemplation, also written by Jacques and Raïssa together, and Notes on the Lord’s Prayer, written by Raïssa. All three of the works contained in this volume are written by friends, for friends, seeking to know and love God. If we wish to grow in our spiritual life, this book serves as a great guide.

ISBN: 781944418090

Paperback: 194 pages

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Gardeil Cover_FINAL
The Gifts of the Holy Spirit in the Dominican Saints

By Ambroise Gardeil, O.P.

Introduction by Romanus Cessario, O.P.

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit in the Dominican Saints introduces us to a series of Dominican saints and illustrates how each saint embodies a particular beatitude and Gift of the Holy Spirit. We learn of the spirited fortitude of St. Catherine de Ricci, the exceptional prudence of St. Antoninus, and the extraordinary wisdom of St. Thomas Aquinas. As Fr. Romanus Cessario, O.P., states in the Introduction: “Dominican saints characteristically labor without toil. They demonstrate the connaturality of holiness, that is, they exhibit the way that the elevated life of grace attaches itself to our human nature and capacities.”

Paperback: 154 pages

ISBN: 9781944418250

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Living Water
The Living Water

By Pierre-Thomas Dehau, O.P.

Introduction by Sr. Maria of the Angels, O.P.

The Living Water, one of Fr. Pierre-Thomas Dehau’s many books, is a treatment of the contemplative life as the life of wisdom concerned with a mysterious reality, hidden and inaccessible to human powers alone. In these pages, the fruit of sixteen of his retreat conferences, Fr. Dehau guides the reader into an understanding of how to grow in union with God through charity and contemplation. The Living Water is essential reading for those who are living out a religious vocation, for those who are discerning the call to a religious vocation, and for parents who are educating their children in the school of virtue.

“This retrieval of a French spiritual classic is a welcome source of substantive spiritual refreshment in a sometimes arid contemporary landscape.” ~Daria Spezzano, Assistant Professor of Theology, Providence College


“The directness of the Dehau’s words and the depth of his message provide a treasure trove for the serious Christian longing to go forth into the heart of God.” ~Gabriel B. O’Donnell, OP, Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception, Washington, DC

Paperback: 170 pages

ISBN: 9781944418045

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Mystery of the Church
The Mystery of the Church

By Humbert Clerissac, O.P.

Preface by Jacques Maritain

The Mystery of the Church represents the final writings of Fr. Humbert Clerissac, O.P. In it, readers will find much-needed spiritual nourishment, gaining insights into the beauty and glory of the Church’s manifold mysteries. As Jacques Maritain writes in the Preface, Fr. Clerissac “asked of those who came to him to adhere fully to the mystery of the Church.”

In this stunning book by Humbert Clerrisac, we discover a richly biblical, dogmatic, and mystical treatise…about Christ and the Church.” ~Matthew Levering, James N. and Mary D. Perry, Jr. Chair of Theology, Mundelein Seminary

Paperback: 148 pages

ISBN: 978-1944418038

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Spirit of St Dominic
The Spirit of St. Dominic

By Humbert Clerissac, O.P.

Introduction by Thomas Joseph White, O.P.

The Spirit of St. Dominic is the fruit of retreat conferences preached by Fr. Clerissac to his Dominican brethren in England in 1908. In these pages, Fr. Clerissac presents the spirit of St. Dominic and his Order of Preachers, illuminating how this spirit is a living treasure for the Church today as it was at its genesis. As Thomistic Institute Director Fr. Thomas Joseph White, O.P. writes in his Introduction, “a great work of theology has a perennial relevance.” Such indeed is the case with this collection of retreats given by Fr. Clerissac: perennially relevant, theologically beautiful.

“This beautiful book is a “must-read” for all Dominicans, for those who discern a vocation to the Order of Preachers, and for all who wish to encounter the unique apostolic character of the Dominican Order.” ~Dr. Reinhard Hütter, Professor of Christian Theology, Duke University

Paperback: 196 pages

ISBN: 9781944418014

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